Why should I upcycle?

Get ready to upcycle!- I guarantee it’s what you will want to do almost immediately after reading this. 

What is upcycling? 

Before we dig deep and find out why it is so important for everyone to try and upcycle, we need to know what upcycling is.

Upcycling is a creative way to reuse an old item; making them in to a better quality product with better environment value. It allows us to make use of used items indefinitely. Do not be mistaken between upcycling and recycling.

Upcycling Vs Recycling

Upcycling is reusing an existing (old) item by transforming it and finding a new purpose. Recycling is turning the product back into it’s raw form. It takes a lot of manpower, processing power and machinery for recycling to happen, often the quality of the product will not be restored- this is known as downcycling.


Why should I upcycle? 

There are many reasons why we should all be upcycling, after all it has some marvellous benefits.

  • The healthiest way to manage your waste- Upcycling reduces the amount of waste that is dumped into the landfills. Dumping unwanted items can be a concern for the environment, due to some materials containing dangerous chemicals that cause soil degradation. This can lead to water pollution and let’s not forget air pollution. Along side this landfills can be an eyesore.


  • Conserves the limited resources – Imagine the amount of good materials that are going to waste when dumped- mind- blowing. The materials dumped daily are precious, their supply can diminish. We all need to be upcycling to eliminate the need to use fresh raw materials.


  • Saves money- We all look for ways to save money, right? Upcycling is a fun and challenging activity, that minimises cost of production. Seems like a no brainer!


  • Encourages creativity and Innovation- Upcycled products are unique and quirky, different to anything you would find on the high street. This is what makes upcycling truly spectacular.


If you interested journey the fabulous world of Upcycling and want to find out more, check out Upcycle Tv  for everything upcycle. Upcycle TV are also a partner of the upcycle fayre 2021 – exciting! If this is something you would love to be part of, head over to Vintage Upcycle Fayre Wiltshire  for more information.

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