Decoupage & Transfers
Decoupage & Transfers
Decoupage is a little tricky but lots of fun to do, in this video, I’ve used a napkin to make a basic candle into a very festive one!

Decoupage Using Napkins

Probably the most common way to decoupage is using napkins, you split the napkins to a single ply as they are normally three layers thick. Just use a fingernail to gently prize the layers about. Use a paintbrush or a cloth to apply a generous layer of glue, PVA is good, in the video above I used Frenchic finishing coat which also works really well as a glue.
Whilst the glue is still wet, apply your single ply napkin gently so that you don’t tear it or get any rips, some people like to use a piece of cling film to press over the top.
But as soon as your napkin is on in the correct location, all you have to do then is wait for it to dry and consider whether to put a top coat over it to seal it.

Decoupage Using Decopatch

Decopatch is exactly the same process as using napkins to decoupage so you can follow the instructions and video, the only difference is that Decopatch is produced for this use so no need to split plys and it’s made from tissue paper. There are some really lovely Decopatch designs to help you create some wonderful individual pieces.

Link to Decopatch Paper on Amazon: décopatch Pocket Papers Collection No.19

Using Transfers on Painted Furniture

Another great way to achieve stunning and unique furniture is to use transfers, a seller on Mel produces some incredible work using transfers, here is a recent piece for sale on Vintup completed by Mel.

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