Upcycle vintage fayre plan
Vintage Upcycle Fayre Wiltshire

Vintage Upcycle Fayre Wiltshire

It’s so exciting to announce that Upcycle TV is a partner of the Upcycle Fayre 2021.

This brand new event was scheduled for last year but got cancelled due to certain global health concerns.

But we are back on – hopefully

There’s still a small chance that this could get postponed again but we are hoping life will get back to normality by the end of July.

We are hedging our bets and going all in.

Heres the video I recorded with Claire Anello of Stargazey Workshops another event partner.

About the Upcycle and Vintage Fayre

It forms a part of an existing and established event called Festival on the Farm which has been running a few years and organised by Purton Farm in Wilshire. In the main festival there will be live music, beer tents, amazing organic food from the farm and everything you normally expect at a Festival. The vintage fayre will be plugging into this and will have its own area with:

A selection of stalls selling everything related to upcycling, vintage and craft.

– A vintage tea room

– Workshops to learn the basics of a new craft

– Demonstrations – Upcycling and craft

Now we urgently need stall holders to book up the trade space so that we can focus on driving ticket sales to ensure that we have lots of buyers over the weekend.

Date of Festival and Fayre : 30th July to 1st August 2021

Now we really need to get vendors who buy into the whole experience, those who want to be involved in workshops and demonstrations will be given priority of space, our goal is to create a fayre with the atmosphere of a festival.

There’s a gold mine here

People have been just let out so they will be going mad for a festival. I’m sure it’s going to be packed.

Peoples holidays are restricted so they will be making the most of opportunities like this

Theres a lot of spare cash flying about, with holidays cancelled and no nights out for a while

The environment has never been a bigger topic – upcycling and vintage interests are to continue surging.

You can contact me directly – stuart@vintup.co.uk

Here is our website for booking space:


Vintage Upcycle Fayre Wiltshire Space

Upcycle vintage fayre plan

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upcycle clothes
Upcycling Clothes with Olesya Lane

Upcycling Clothes with Olesya Lane

Upcycling really isn’t just about furniture! That’s why on episode one of Upcycle TV, I spoke about upcycling clothes with Olesya Lane. Olesya is an expert at recycling clothes and actually teaches those who want to learn how do it. Her work is outstanding and like all upcycled work, it has personality, history and a unique style.

During the podcast, I was absolutely shocked to learn that a pair of jeans takes 7000 gallons of water make, we actually have enough clothing on the planet right now to clothe the next six generations of the human race! These two facts should really hit home and make us think differently about our spending habits.

You can listen to the podcast where we discuss upcycling clothes on Spotify and Anchor.

Podcast on Spotify


Podcast on Anchor


A glimpse of some of the work by Olesya
upcycle clothes

I also recorded the podcast and put it on Upcycle TV YouTube channel

If you would like to find out more about the courses run by Olesya Lane, here is a link to her Website: https://slowfashionbus.co.uk/
Also the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/7craftsboutique

In these courses you will learn:

– How to avoid making expensive mistakes, buying something that won’t suit you
– Learn your colour palette
– Save a small fortune by upcycling your clothes and being able to re-sparkle your existing garments in different ways
– Learn useful creativity and imagination; this is beneficial for your mental wellness. This will be your self-expression, not someone else’s
– Curb your consumerism habits: this is so liberating
– Become much more sustainable and eco-friendly, whilst making your everyday clothing choices

The hot topic right now is Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) which is, of course a very important topic and I take nothing away from it by raising the point that we have slavery issues right now, today as I write this and the clothing industry is deeply connected. Another reason for us all to look at our spending habits, here is a very eye-opening piece written in the Guardian that highlights this issue.

We can all do with a bit of education on the matter, there is a great book called “essentialism” which I highly recommend, it has business message behind it but also about how we live our lives and I feel a really useful connection to this the above points raised.

Take a look at all our recommended books here

decoupage a candel
Decoupage & Transfers
Decoupage & Transfers
Decoupage is a little tricky but lots of fun to do, in this video, I’ve used a napkin to make a basic candle into a very festive one!

Decoupage Using Napkins

Probably the most common way to decoupage is using napkins, you split the napkins to a single ply as they are normally three layers thick. Just use a fingernail to gently prize the layers about. Use a paintbrush or a cloth to apply a generous layer of glue, PVA is good, in the video above I used Frenchic finishing coat which also works really well as a glue.
Whilst the glue is still wet, apply your single ply napkin gently so that you don’t tear it or get any rips, some people like to use a piece of cling film to press over the top.
But as soon as your napkin is on in the correct location, all you have to do then is wait for it to dry and consider whether to put a top coat over it to seal it.

Decoupage Using Decopatch

Decopatch is exactly the same process as using napkins to decoupage so you can follow the instructions and video, the only difference is that Decopatch is produced for this use so no need to split plys and it’s made from tissue paper. There are some really lovely Decopatch designs to help you create some wonderful individual pieces.

Link to Decopatch Paper on Amazon: décopatch Pocket Papers Collection No.19

Using Transfers on Painted Furniture

Another great way to achieve stunning and unique furniture is to use transfers, a seller on www.vintup.co.uk Mel produces some incredible work using transfers, here is a recent piece for sale on Vintup completed by Mel.


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