What is Epoxy Resin?

I’m sure it’s a product you have seen all over your social media, especially with it’s popularity on the rise. (It seems to be the go-to hobby during lockdowns).You may be wondering, What is Epoxy Resin and why are so many raving about it and jumping on the bandwagon?.

So what is Epoxy Resin? – Epoxy Resin is a type of Epoxy Adhesive, It is the most commonly used adhesive due to it’s strength and durability – as well as other features like,

  • Great weather resistant properties
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance

It’s dexterity is incredible!

These features are what makes Epoxy Resin amazing and a popular product to use. Due to it’s incredible features there are so many diverse products you can make from it, for example:

  • Tables
  • Floors
  • Sentimental items- made from personal things.

This is just a very small handful of the wonderful things you can create, again another reason as to why it is so popular. (Read this blog to see more about what you can make By Charles)

Epoxy Resin Tables

Resin tables are a beautiful feature for many family homes, the demand for them are becoming more and more. You can make them as unique as you want, customising them to fit your interior décor. The beauty is no one else will have the same, every table is custom made to you. Check out  By Charles  for Resin inspiration, they are the resin experts. By Charles specialise in Resin Tables and they are outstanding.


Have you ever seen flooring made from resin? it’s awesome!! You can use so many different things in Epoxy Resin to make it personal to you, its yet another feature which makes it so great. My favourite thing used in a Epoxy Resin flooring is coins. Something I would not to have thought to use, yet so simple and very effective. Another material used quite a lot is stones(Pebbles). You have probably seen this flooring loads and not even known it was Resin.

Sentimental Items 

This is very broad because with every Epoxy Resin project you do, you can use so many different sentimental things to make it that even more special to you. (If you haven’t read the ‘What you can make from resin’ blog on By Charles – Link above) check it out! Along side the example given in this blog you can also use things like, a photo- which is fantastic for projects like jewellery and coasters.

If you like the thought of getting creative, but maybe you are not quite ready to make something from scratch, then upcycling could be the perfect project for you. Check out Upcycle Tv  for loads of ‘upcycle’ ideas.