How to Paint Paving Slabs

How to Paint Paving Slabs

This was a fun experiment and I will 100% do it again. I have written this blog called “How to Paint Paving Slabs” as I was getting so many hits on my YouTube channel video, I thought that it must be of interest.

Painting slabs is easy if you use the right materials and do the prep. Here’s my video from June 2019.

How to Paint Paving Slabs

I used four vibrant colours from the French Alfresco range, this is a paint that you can use inside and out, it doesn’t need any sealer and the magic is that it is a water-based formula!

I wasn’t worried about colours as this was a temporary fix ( still there a year later ) but, I have to say I was rather pleased with the result.

I swept away any debris and, its advisable to wash them down before painting, I didn’t as these concrete slabs were brand new. Older slabs may have algae and other contaminants – make sure you prep properly or you’ll likely regret it.

A mini paint roller with a foam sleeve was used to apply the paint, it went on like a dream and covered perfectly in one coat, these concrete slabs are a nice porous texture, not too rough, not too smooth, perfect for painting.

The paint is water-based so in normal conditions, it will dry in 20 minutes or so, however, Alfresco paint needs to cure, so ideally you need to leave it a good week before exposing it to anything like pressure washing or heavy traffic. How to Paint Paving Slabs.

There are other paints available that will do a similar job, Dulux Weathershield is very effective. I prefer to use the multisurface paint such as Frenchic, it can be used on various surfaces like a UPVC door.

Dulux Multisurface Paint for Painting Slabs

Questions about painting your patio slabs

Does it last?

Yes, i painted these slabs a year ago, they are still looking like the day I painted them, it is a heavy traffic area. The paint typically comes with a six year guarantee.

After 11 Months
Painted slabs

Does it make the slabs slippery?

It definitely did not on the ones I painted but I’d recommend you do a patch test before going to Town! Different slabs have different textures, one thing is for sure, it will be less sloppy than wooden decking in winter.

Could it get hot?

Good question, I suppose dark colours might be hot to walk on, I’d probably avoid a dark grey but again, do a patch test and see what happens when you put a painted slab in direct sunlight for a day.

Do they need sealing?

No, not if you use the paint recommended here, Dulux multisurface or Frenchic Alfresco. There are others and you can even use standard chalk paint by adding Polyvine to it. I’ve used several chalk paints like this, something like Vintage with Grace works really well.

Add Polyine if Using Standard Chalk Paint

If you’re feeling really brave, you could even add some stencilling to your painted slabs. Look what AcciSsej did with the concrete path in her front garden.
She said it took her 24 hours to complete which is quite impressive.

Slabs before paint stencil
Before the painting and stencils.

After slabs painted stencils
After the painted stencils, what a transformation that is. Stunning.

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