How to Get a Smooth Finish with Chalk Paint

How to get a smooth finish using chalk paint

It took a little to time and practice to discover how to get a smooth finish using chalk paint.
Once you know how to do this, it is fairly easy to do, you can follow my instructions in the video.

Video: How to get a perfect finish using chalk paint

1. Prepare your piece that you are painting – a good wash down with sugar soap first, I like to use the powder version and mix it a little stronger.
2. In most cases, when using a premium brand paint, you’ll only need a light key. If you are using primer and emulsion or a lower cost chalk paint then you might want to be more trigger happy with the sanding. This is why I prefer to use a premium brand paint – see link
3. Run a damp cloth over to remove any remaining dust.
4. Use a mini roller with a Hamilton Prestige felt sleeve.
These beauties are a proper game-changer. – BUY ROLLER SLEEVES
5. Between all coats, use a sanding sponge to polish until happy with the finish of the surface.

Repeat the process.

how to get a smooth finish with chalk paint
Using sanding sponge to get a smooth sprayed-like finish

Not everyone wants a smooth finish
Absolutely, it really depends on the piece in question but yes, sometimes you want to brush marks and imperfection – this video isn’t for you!

If you are wanting to get your paintwork looking like its been sprayed then, without doubt, it is the way to go. I haven’t yet found a better, more efficient way to achieve such a superior paint finish.

If you are a professional or aspiring pro furniture painter then this could be a game-changer for you and your budding business as not only is does it allow a fantastic finish to your work but it is quick and easy.

Hope that the techniques I show here will help you discover how to get a smooth finish with chalk paint.
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