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Upcycle Books

There are millions of YouTube videos to watch and it is, without doubt, the best way to learn something, well, if the videos are well made.
However, there is still a place for the good old fashioned book, when you’ve had enough of looking at screens and stupid adverts that keep popping up, get a book, a coffee and just sit in a quiet space.
There are some super upcycling books out there, very useful for getting ideas and inspiration. Below is a link to Amazon with a list of books all about upcycling, go and treat yourself.

Upcycle Books on Amazon

furniture makeover upcycle books

“Transforming old and worn furniture into a gorgeous, modern statement piece can be intimidating, but Jen Crider makes it easy with step-by-step tutorials anyone can do. This book is packed with ingenious, approachable projects to turn old chairs, tables, sofas and more into gorgeous furniture. Jen’s style fits right in to today’s farmhouse decor, making the book appealing to a wide audience. Unbelievable before and after photos will blow readers away, especially when they learn how simple it is to create the effects themselves. Beginners can dive right in with quick tricks and techniques like applying stain for a luxury wood finish and using paint to make details pop. More advanced projects are accessible to all-levels with Jen’s super helpful step-by-step instructions and photos. With plenty of tips on selecting and repairing furniture, it’s easy to get started. Learn how to give a second-hand table that perfectly weathered antique look. DIY enthusiasts won’t believe how easy it is to reupholster seat cushions, benches, armchairs and more. Give any room a special handmade touch in just a few hours and on a budget with 25 exciting techniques. Before long, readers will be impressing friends on social media with their own amazing before and after shots. This book will have 25 makeovers, each with a styled photo plus about 5 step-by-step photographs” Source: Amazon

Furniture flipping, upcycling, furniture painting, makeovers, thrift finds – whatever you call your hobby or business, there are books out there for you. Whether you are looking for hints or tips on making money from upcycling or you simply want to learn new skills, reading a book is still a great way to learn.

If I haven’t sold you on books and you’re here for some amazing how-to upcycle videos then fair enough, this is “Upcycle TV” after all!

Here is my How-To-Upcycle playlist on YouTube

The playlist begins with Jack making a ladder from scrap wood, the funny thing about this video is that Jack doesn’t know what anything is called – See if you can spot how many times he says “one of these” LOL, all jokes aside, its very important to get the younger generations involved with upcycling and this is a great little project with a fantastic end result so well done Jack.


BBC’s The Repair Shop is a place where Britain’s most skilled and caring craftspeople rescue and resurrect items that owners thought were beyond saving. Their shared love of craft has helped hundreds of people recover and relive cherished memories, and inspired millions to rediscover their own prized possessions. The skill required to properly restore those items may be beyond most of us, but there are small things we can all do to care for the items we love the most. How do you replenish the stuffing in your child’s beloved, tatty teddy bear, for instance? Or remove a water mark left on your wooden table? What’s the best way to prevent your leather from cracking?

Direct from the Repair Shop’s ‘Workshop of Dreams’, this ‘make do and mend’ guide collects advice and stories from each of the show’s experts, to help you understand and care for those aging treasures and heirlooms around your house or gathering dust in the garage. Whether it’s wood, ceramics, leather or silverware, you will get to know your materials, tools and terms from Britain’s best, as the Repair Shop experts share their tips on restoring and conserving, reveal their favourite tools, and provide a series of small, manageable projects that help tackle the most common problems that occur in their given medium. Their book, like the show it accompanies, with help you safeguard your sentimental legacy for generations to come