How to use chalk paint to create a marble effect?

How to use chalk paint to create a marble effect?

Welcome to Upcycle TV, In our last Video on Upcyle TV, Stuart showed us a tutorial on the use of chalk painting to create a marble effect on your surface of choice, which is very useful if your on a budget as paint can become expensive so now we are going to show you the process and results off how to correctly use chalk paint.

Have you ever wondered how to use chalk paints to create marble effect?

This method of using chalk paint is really easy as it’s quite simple to do. once its done you get a marble effect that you have created by yourself! Now before you start to paint your surface of choice, I have some promising news, you do not need expensive paint but lower the cost usually means lesser the quality so take that in mind when expecting a marble effect.

Don’t forget this method is really cost effective meaning its affordable to do, so get going and start buying your tools and paint for your marble effect project.

What will you need?

  1. Paints (coloured range)
  2. Brushes
  3. Hair Dryer (using low/medium setting/
  4. Blow gun
  5. Pots

Links to the paint used (click here)

Down below you will see some images that show a before and after process of chalk paint marble effect

Please beware doing this method won’t guarantee the same pattern as they are all different in their own ways


Chalk painting a table


Two tables one with a marble effect

Step by step process

  1. Use a sanding machine of your choice, start to sand down the surface you want to have marble effect, ensuring it’s flat and open to air
  2. If necessary, clean away any left over mess on the surface
  3. Apply the first coat of your choice, we used white paint
  4. After the coat is applied, you will need to take a break to allow it too dry
  5. Now get your pots for your paint’s and mix in little bit of water into it
  6. Make sure to mix well, then start pouring your contents in pots onto the surface of your choice
  7. Grab your tool for blowing the contents, and start by making its low to medium speed, now time to blow it all around which will expand the paints
  8. There we go, your marble effect should be finished, now take those photos we would love to see them

Please note if you run into any problems then this list below should help you identify your issue

  • Did you pour into too much water into your paints
  • Is your Blowing tool on right speed setting
  • Did you sand down properly making sure there is no mess
  • Did you make sure the surface is smooth after sanding it down

Stuart is one of best for tutorials, showing you how to build anything from cabinets to chalk painting.

The marble effect turned out amazing,  Perfect Job Stuart! Here is another similar tutorial video (click here)

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