Painting floor tiles
How to paint floor tiles?

How to paint floor tiles?

Welcome to Upcycle TV, In our last Video on Upcyle TV, Stuart showed us how easy it was to paint floor tiles, which is very useful if your on a budget as paint can become expensive so now we are going to show you step by step the results off applying paint to floor tiles.

Check out the video here

Have you ever wondered how to paint floor tiles – here I will show you how to?

The process of painting floor tiles is really easy as it’s quite simple to do. once its done you get a smooth look that you applied by yourself! Now before you start to make your tiles become checked, here’s some promising news, you do not need expensive paint but lower the cost usually means lesser the quality so take that in mind.

Don’t worry you don’t need to spend your lifesavings on this, its cheaper than you expect to actually do.

Painting floor tiles

First of you will need

Brushes to use to paint the floor

Frenchic Al Fresco Furniture Paint Outdoor Range (Any colour you want) Link below

Similar paint used in this video

Step by step process

  1.  Dip brush in the paint and apply to the floor for a first coat and make sure to leave it for 30 minutes
  2.  Go back for a second coat and leave for couple days and then either test the wear of the paint or apply all over the tiles

Stuart is one of best for tutorials, showing you how to build anything from cabinets to floor tiles.

The paint looks so settled on the floor, It’s amazing for 20 quid paint which is pretty low for paint, what great value! Perfect Job Stuart!

If you like the idea of these ideas, painting floors maybe its time for you to head over to Upcycle Channel for how to complete project successfully without mistakes if your unsure, there are numerous amount of videos on all categories of “Upcycle ideas”.



How to make a kitchen cabinet out of Plywood?

How to make a kitchen cabinet out of Plywood?

Have you ever imagined making your own kitchen cabinet out of plywood? Are you ready to unleash your inner creative side, but having little knowledge of the process is stopping you? Stress no more – this blog is for you! We will run you through a step by step process on how to build that kitchen cabinet out of plywood.

What you need before

To ensure the process runs smoothly, make sure you have all the following to hand:

  • Plunge saw
  • Track Guide
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

Step by Step process to making a Plywood kitchen cabinet

Here is a step by step process on how to make your plywood kitchen cabinet.

  1. Measure 570 from the front edge on both sides and mark it with a rough word (for Example Front, back, Inside )
  2. Put your track saw up to your measurements and cut across
  3. Measure again to last measurements of 570 then move track saw up and then cut across
  4. Then cut a height of 720 on the plywood
  5. Once you have made the cuts that are your panels leaving you with 4 bits of Plywood
  6. Clamp together or hold together
  7. Screw either side by screwing at the top and bottom then screw the bottom

making a plywood cabinet

What you need after

Here is the equipment you will need after putting the cabinet together to complete the finish look.

  • Hinges
  • Leg pack

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