How to make a kitchen cabinet out of plywood

In our last Video on UpcyleTv, Stuart showed us how easy it was build a kitchen cabinet out some simple plywood, which is very handy if your on a budget as the plywood and if you already own all the nessersay tools then it would only cost you about 20 pounds per sheet! – The plans for the Kitchen Cabinet are at the bottem of the blog

Check out the Video On YouTube HERE


  Measure your wood! ?

measuring wood

The process of making a Kitchen cabinet is really fun as it’s quite simple to do. once its done you get a lovely set of cabinets that you made yourself! Now before you start this epic quest to make your dreams come true, you do need the right kit. The tools that you will need are a Plunge saw and a track guide for it to sit on. This will get you some perfect straight cuts. It makes the job really easy.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend a bomb on tools that you might only use a couple times, there  are lower cost alternatives that you can look into. But the only other thing you will need is some plywood, a tape measure and a pencil. Simple stuff, so let’s get cracking!

STOP………..Cuttting time!

Cutting wood

before you start it ‘s Important to get the right measurements on your wood so make sure you get it right before cutting. when using a track guild and plunge saw, make sure the depth is set right.  If its deep too then you will cut rigth through onto your work bench.

Stuart is now marking up all the parts of the wood in which he wishes to cut to size.

As Stuart goes along on the track guid with his trusty plunge saw, OH NO DISASTER HAS STRUCK! Stuart has forgotten to plugin the vacuum, but don’t worry as its not a huge mess up and luckily he noticed it straight away, so no mess went everywhere!

After that little accident though, its smooth sailing and he gets the job done just fine.

The cut is made and Stuart is left with a nice pannel that fits his plans. Now lets make some more!

Once he has all his pannels cut to size, he can then start by clamping the wood together to prepare it for the pilot holes in the wood. (The pilot holes are where the screws will go, and are essential if you dont want problems later on then always drill some pilot holes!)

Wow look at that, Stuart has now fully assembeled his kitchen unit, and all he has to do is screw it all together and add the feet!

With the Unit nearly complete and the Pilot holes ready to fill with screws, Stuart starts by getting a better angle on the unit by laying it on its side, this way he can drill the screws in without messing it up.


Tea break

Stuart is procrastinating on his tea break again. COME ON STUART, finish the Unit!

oh no, he has knocked over his drill while explaining the meaning of life, I guess we will never know…

The Unit looks great,  esspecially for 20 quid a sheet, thats just a bargin! Good Job Stuart!

If you like the thought of making your own kitchn cabinet, but maybe you are not quite ready to make something from scratch, then maybe watch  couple of videos on Upcycle Tv  for loads of ‘upcycle’ ideas.

The Plans!

Click To Download Plans

Its Done and ready to fit!


The Video

I hope you enjoyed this blog on How to make a kitchen cabinet out of plywood, before you go, check out our blog on Epoxy Resin


What is Epoxy Resin?

I’m sure it’s a product you have seen all over your social media, especially with it’s popularity on the rise. (It seems to be the go-to hobby during lockdowns).You may be wondering, What is Epoxy Resin and why are so many raving about it and jumping on the bandwagon?.

So what is Epoxy Resin? – Epoxy Resin is a type of Epoxy Adhesive, It is the most commonly used adhesive due to it’s strength and durability – as well as other features like,

  • Great weather resistant properties
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance

It’s dexterity is incredible!

These features are what makes Epoxy Resin amazing and a popular product to use. Due to it’s incredible features there are so many diverse products you can make from it, for example:

  • Tables
  • Floors
  • Sentimental items- made from personal things.

This is just a very small handful of the wonderful things you can create, again another reason as to why it is so popular. (Read this blog to see more about what you can make By Charles)

Epoxy Resin Tables

Resin tables are a beautiful feature for many family homes, the demand for them are becoming more and more. You can make them as unique as you want, customising them to fit your interior décor. The beauty is no one else will have the same, every table is custom made to you. Check out  By Charles  for Resin inspiration, they are the resin experts. By Charles specialise in Resin Tables and they are outstanding.


Have you ever seen flooring made from resin? it’s awesome!! You can use so many different things in Epoxy Resin to make it personal to you, its yet another feature which makes it so great. My favourite thing used in a Epoxy Resin flooring is coins. Something I would not to have thought to use, yet so simple and very effective. Another material used quite a lot is stones(Pebbles). You have probably seen this flooring loads and not even known it was Resin.

Sentimental Items 

This is very broad because with every Epoxy Resin project you do, you can use so many different sentimental things to make it that even more special to you. (If you haven’t read the ‘What you can make from resin’ blog on By Charles – Link above) check it out! Along side the example given in this blog you can also use things like, a photo- which is fantastic for projects like jewellery and coasters.

If you like the thought of getting creative, but maybe you are not quite ready to make something from scratch, then upcycling could be the perfect project for you. Check out Upcycle Tv  for loads of ‘upcycle’ ideas.

Paining a Pikler Triangle

I was looking for a first birthday gift idea for my son and decided to reach out to the people of Facebook for some inspiration. Very quickly the responses came in and I was shocked at how much parents raved about the Pikler Triangle, I had personally never heard of it. So I decided to do some research and it soon became clear this was the perfect first birthday gift- A must have in fact.

What is a Pikler Triangle 

A Pikler Triangle is a climbing structure for children that they navigate at their own pace. It helps with:

  • Allowing children to explore their body
  • Learn about their boundaries
  • Climb and move through play
  • Great for motor skills

After doing my research – I was hooked!!  The Pikler Triangle was what I wanted to get my little one. Now the hard part was finding the ‘right’ one. This was more of a challenge than I anticipated, I scrolled the internet for what felt like hours and nothing really stood out to me, until I came across one on Etsy- I loved it. I was ready to press that ‘buy now’ button until I realised it was made in Europe, therefore I would be responsible for paying the import tax- not ideal.

Back to the drawing board and after more research I discovered that most Pikler Triangles are produced in Europe. So I realised I only had the options:

  • Pay the import tax
  • Get one personally made
  • Attempt making one myself

As this was a gift for my sons first birthday the latter option seemed the most appealing,  an opportunity to personalise and make unique to us. Unfortunately, this particular project was far from my comfort zone.  So I took to Facebook and found someone who could make me a Pikler Triangle, but where I could ‘DIY’ and put my own stamp on it.

How I ‘DIY’ my Pikler Triangle 

When the Pikler Triangle arrived it looked just the same as the others I had seen- I needed to change this and I couldn’t wait. As soon as I saw the triangle I knew instantly it was the rungs I was going to paint.

The Pikler Triangle has 7 Rungs in total and I chose six fabulous bright colours to make the appearance more attractive. As this was for a one year old I thought different colours seemed like the perfect choice – fun.

All the paints I used were Johnstone’s Matt finish. The six colours I decided to use were:

  • Signal Red
  • Fiery Sunset
  • Crushed Pineapple
  • Empire Jewel
  • Waterfall
  • Blackcurrent Magic

I decided on these colours and the order based on the rainbow, I used the purple (Blackcurrent Magic) twice for the extra rung and to balance out the colours.

I did three coats for each colour in total, to ensure maximum covered and vibrance. I finally finished the Pikler triangle by applying a clear varnish to protect the paint.

Something simple like painting the rungs made a massive difference and the Pikler Triangle felt more special because I had helped personalise it. I was so happy with the end result!

If you like what you see, why not check out our YouTube channel Upcycle TV for different ‘Upcycles’ and ideas. It amazing what a little ‘DIY’ can do and what you can make from those old things lying around the house.

If you fancy having a go at ‘Upcycling’ and would like to have a chat, Contact Stuart, he would love to hear from you.




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