How to Write a Great Blog Post For Your Furniture Painting Business

How to Write a Great Blog Post For Your Furniture Painting Business

Well Written Blogs Will Generate Free Traffic to Your Upcycling Website

Why are Blogs Important?
In a nutshell, they will help you generate traffic to your website for free. This is what is referred to as “content” and it is what the major search engines like Google are looking for.

Google’s clever bots will read your site and will rank it a score based on your content and how people consume it. This is called “search engine optimisation ( SEO )” and if you can crack it, you’ll get unlimited customers to your site for absolutely no cost at all.

Is SEO dead?
You’ll hear this said a lot by marketing “experts” – I can promise you now that SEO is not dead at all and this is a nonsense statement, the internet is based on SEO, search Google for any topic and the free results will display websites with content relating to that topic, they will all be scored on SEO with the best one at the top of the results.

SEO is certainly not dead – what is dead is being able to pay a techy guy to cheat the system and fire you up the ranking by playing a few tricks. Do that, you might be lucky to get some instant results but Google will catch you and it could kill your site.

What is the Answer?
As above, deliver exceptional content on your site that your traffic finds useful and the first point of call is to write regular, informative blog posts that your audience will find interesting.

That sounds easy but it really isn’t, it is simple but not easy!
How to Write a Great Blog Post For Your Furniture Painting Business

19 Rules For Writing Blogs That Will Engage Readers
  • Make the content interesting – Tell stories, perhaps, review products like furniture paint and compare techniques.
  • Keep your audience in mind  – What is it that your potential customers are interested in, what other topics can you combine into your blog.
  • Ensure the blog title is exciting – We want people to click on your links
  • Use a “featured image” – I will show you how to do this
  • Use images in your post
  • Use links to other pages on your website – Always try to get a link to your services in every blog that you write
  • Use video – Where possible, make and use videos to add to your blogs, people love videos
  • Reference Other Sites – If you have friends or business associates that have websites, write a blog about there services, link it to your service / content and then ask them to do the same.
  • Use keywords that are likely highly searched terms for example: “Best way to paint furniture” This will attract attention but, is also a fantastic opportunity to that you know what you’re talking about
  • Use at least 300 words, 500 is prime.
  • Use categories
  • Proofread before you publish
  • Share your blog on social media, not just after you have published but every six months or so
  • Add a personal touch, people are interested in you
  • Avoid politics and sensitive subjects
  • Use tags
  • Use hashtags
  • Use headings and bold in your text
  • Spread your text out, long paragraphs are daunting in today’s fast paced society

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